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Letters To Pink Floyd

Dear Friends,

I´m a bit sad because my chance of listening to your music came to my life much later than I would have wanted, but.... what can I do ? I was born in 1969, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, so far from your London. Now I´m 32, and I have two daughters, Carolina (6) and Julieta(3). Carolina loves your music and she enjoys watching the "Live at Pompei" video. She asks me lots of questions about you. Her favourite song is "Echoes". She´s also drawn you playing altogether.

So....what can I say to you? Nothing that someone wouldn´t have said before....that I love your music and that I entirely agree with your lyrics (all of them, but especially when you talk about TIME and MONEY, your definitions are so accurate). And that there´s a sense of lack in my heart, as I´ve never had the chance of seeing you on a tour.

Some people say that miracles do not exist, but if one day you decide to go on a tour once again, please don´t forget that here in Buenos Aires we´ll be waiting for you to be delighted with every note you play and every word you sing.

There are lots of other things that I would like to say to you but it is not possible, cos it would be too long. Thank you for all the messages in your songs, if people paid more attention to what you´ve written, the world would be a better place to live in.

With love,

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