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Letters To Pink Floyd

To Pink Floyd:

It's very difficult to me to try to express in words what really can't be expressed in such a way. The true meaning of what Pink Floyd music means and has always meant to me. I have always said (and to many a very corny thing, but the truth nevertheless) that Floyd music is the soundtrack to my personality. It embodies everything that I feel, that my heart and soul can connect to.

I don't recall the first time I heard Pink Floyd. Believe it or not I've always felt that I liked their music since the day I was born. As far back in time as I recall I loved their music. Every time I used to listen to Another Brick in the Wall for instance, I got shivers down my spine. Or when I listened to Time after I saw the Delicate Sound of Thunder video on the TV for the first time... it was truly magic... the image of the clocks flying towards you... I was in heaven.

I've always been very lonesome. I can't pretend that I've ever been a very social person... Pink Floyd music (especially during my teenage years) was the anchor on which I could always rely on. There were these times, when I got really frustrated in my life or when I was really down that I felt that some of the stuff from their earlier years embodied perfectly everything that I was feeling... especially the melodies.. so haunting and out of this world. There were times when I could truly feel with all of my heart that I could feel the music more soulfully than anyone in the entire world.

I love all of their albums, which took me years to collect, and they truly have the most magical music ever made.

I hope they are not over yet for it is one of my deepest sorrows the fact that I could never see them live. Like many others I have to rely solely on the videos. Live at Pompeii, The Wall, Delicate Sound of Thunder and Pulse.

From this truly dedicated fan of yours: thank you for always being there.

Tiago aka Raistlin

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