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A Letter From A Fan,

I remember the first time I saw the valley. The delicate sounds echoed in my mind and I was mesmerized by them. There were no thunders, only me, and the moon up above could not show me its darkest side. They laughed and cried, the sounds, and I felt tears running down my face only for the joy of being there. Nothing else mattered. The valley was obscured by clouds, and I knew it was there that I wanted to be. Forever.

Today I live far, far away from these dreams and I wish I was there once more and I wish you were here, too. But days are growing shorter now, and winter looks at me with its horrid eyes and my tears are dry. At a distance, I hear the bells. Sometimes I stand in the rain just for the illusion of feeling my face wet once more. It is not the same. I am not the same. Now, I just wait. Wait for the new sounds that will drive me again into that valley and make me cry just one more time..

Joao Carlos Costa

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