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PINK FLOYD's The Wall epic

What each song represents in my life.

IN THE FLESH?- This is a representation of the question asked within myself from myself, and perhaps asked to the outside world in general. If this is what society wants from me or if they want the other me that may frighten and disturb them and ultimately destroy my inner self.

THE THIN ICE- This represents a general summary of life itself. From the overprotective love to the "dog eat dog" society that now envelopes us. From innocence that is destined to erosion through the conformity of society.

BRICK part one- This represents a paternal alienation. It portrays the imagery of absence and it's effect and one's life from childhood to adulthood.

BRICK part two- This signifies the harsh reality brought forth by the education system, in general, and brings back memories of school days and the disdain for the system.

MOTHER- This represents the maternal influence and the overshadowing protector as one of the central figures in my life. It brings out the good with the bad.

GOODBYE BLUE SKY- This simply creates a scene that should be interpreted as the fading innocence in my life as I am engulfed in immorality and the madness of society.

EMPTY SPACES- This represents my feelings of loneliness and despair as teenager and the need to find something to fill the time and the journey of soul searching to find joy.

YOUNG LUST- This is the beginning of the end. A venture into my older teen years of wild parties, alcohol and even experiments with drugs and sex.

ONE OF MY TURNS- This is the breakdown that occurred during the older teen years that can be represented more than once, and maybe of me mindset and temperment itself.

DON'T LEAVE ME NOW- This represents my sanity and my self more than another human being, or humanity in general rather than one certain individual.

BRICK part three- A Megalomaniacal attack that occurs on rare occasions and can be seen as a strikeout against the world in a illusion of grandeur.

GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD- A battle in my mind between my views and the views of society, in which the ending is a total closing of the "wall" away from the opposition.

HEY YOU- Another question to myself and the human race. If we will continue to struggle in a war for nothing or if we will try to cooperate or at least coexist.

..ANYBODY OUT THERE?- The follow up to "Hey You" as a haunting instrumental that creates an atmosphere of a question that remains unanswered.

NOBODY HOME- The inside representation of a world inside my mind that seems to struggle against the pressures of the outside world and seems comfortable behind the "wall".

VERA/BRING THE BOYS...- Merely images of a time and era that means a great deal to me as a major part of history that perhaps helps to create grand illusions that plague my mind at times of the "attacks".

COMFORTABLY NUMB- The most important song. This is a representation of the struggle between the world of reality and the world of fantasy in which, aided by substances, end the warfare, with the fantasy side closing the door on reality.

THE SHOW MUST GO IN- After the closing of the door, we must go on in the only world left. The world of fantasy. We make sure fantasies and dreams can be fulfilled at any cost to the outside world and if something tries hinder the dream it is immediatly recognized as alien.

IN THE FLESH- The answer to the beginning question from the side of fantasy. That the fantasy side has completely won the war and is now taking prisoners in the form of blantant prejudices and irresistible madness.

RUN LIKE HELL- The ultimate illusion of grandeur. The "oft" viewed Dictator fantasy. Where the world is completely ruled by my every whim and command. Which creates paranoia in the outside world and to the enemies within, as they are then exploited and punished.

WAITING FOR THE WORMS- This is the continuation of the "run like hell" scene, in which the mass began a rally cry to my dictator personality as a sign of approval for the actions taken and a devotion to carry out all commands without question.

STOP- A moment of clarity slips in and seeps through to flood the illusion, as if waking from a daydream, which leads to a judgment of the actions taken by the fantasy side to win the war against reality, and the beginning that perhaps the victory itself was just a fantasy after all.

THE TRIAL- A self examination combined with the way my actions fit with society's ways. An exposure of my weakness and destruction of my only world to the harsh, cold world outside. The destruction of the wall.

OUTSIDE THE WALL- A viewpoint that some outside the wall are not enemies, as are the majority, but those who really love you and care for your well being

By Trannon Goble

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