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What PF means to Me:

What first got me into PF was my friend suggesting on Christmas break 1993 that I watch the Wall. I rented it and thought it was pretty cool, though at the same time I was not focused on it. I rerented it a couple weeks later and THAT is what got me hooked on Pink Floyd. My family was going through a divorce and I think the music, lyrics and the visuals tapped into those alienated feelings I was experiencing. I then proceeded to buy all the CDs one at a time and was caught by how different each one was, but yet how the music, lyrics and even artwork all formed a complete piece, unlike the music I normally would listen to.

Then in 1994 I saw PF in Indianapolis on the TDB tour and was completely amazed by how perfect their show was (and from THE WORST seats in the place no less!). From then on I was a PF junkie so to speak. But what PF really means to me is hard to express in words--PF is an EXPERIENCE that I have not found in any other music or lyrics, etc. that I have ever heard. THAT is what makes them different, and that is why I like them.


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