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I think Josh [1] really struck home with that theory (unless someone has something else to say...), exept for one thing. Yesterday, I was talking with a friend about Pink Floyd, when he said "I'm also a Syd Barrett Fan" (I was too... but I hadn't told him yet). Waters, Mason, Wright, Waters and Gilmour are all superb musicians, but Syd Barret was the sound that all of those genres pulled too...so after Syd Kicks down the door of a new genre... other rock 'n roller's followed, and thus the bar was raised, and changing the music. Not enough to lose the attraction, just to lose alot of the "Jangly" madness of Syd.

Of course by madness, I don't mean that. Syd's introductions were incredible. A theatrical ballad that defines his music. First silent, then faint noises can be heard... just like quiet conversation... they slowly grow louder, until a distant gritty but shimmering guitar beats. You get the sense something big was about to happen...and it does. Perhaps this "Pink" "Individual" you refer to is the entire band. Not to mention the producers, special effects guys (how often do you get to change a sound with a wrench?), and me (Just kidding). Dont forget Syd! He enspired a sound that will echo for at least 5 more years. (But will have fans forever)

by John Norton

[1]Josh aka "Fuzz" tribute Dark Side of the Moon

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