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A Fleeting Glimpse?

As for what we see around us in this crazy world, nothing really causes us to appreciate the real meaning of this short life full of unknown meaning. Music, well more like a particular band... Pink Floyd has opened my eyes to the truth. An unbounded reality which has us, encapsulated us, through darkness, light and deceit. The world spins by us all so slowly, but through the eyes of people today... it goes by all too fast. I have had my share of real and non-real experiences in my life. Enough to cause me to think. Think about what path I should be following to the end, the end of light and into a whole new realm. I am a young(18) diehard fan. Pink Floyd's music is like the light at the end of the tunnel. A direction in which we can follow without getting lost, which is not hard in this world which feeds us lies and programs us like robots without either feeling nor soul. I canít explain in words, nobody would understand the way you feel when a light, a glimpse takes you inside and shows you the way. We are never alone, just without visual surroundings. But through it all the music, the feeling is always in your mind, your heart, and most important your soul. I had my fleeting glimpse of life, and it changed everything. My body is free to live a life under the sun, moon, and the stars.

Look at life through your heart, mind, and soul, not the lies that you see through your eyes.

Life is precious
Jason Shivok
Visigoth` - vortex@enter.net

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