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Once Upon A Time......

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She was about 12, who lived in a little house, in a little, neighborhood, who had a little radio. One day, while listening to her radio, she heard a sound that she had never heard before. This enchanted the little girl. What was this sound? Who created this art? She knew even then, that this was something that touched her. She would hear this music many times before discovering who the artists were. The little girl had never been touched so deeply by music ever before. Little did she know then, what effect it would have on her life.

Soon she discovered Pink Floyd created this, that could reach in and touch her soul. What a gift!!! That little girl received a personal gift of song, from these people she would probably never meet. She was a smart little girl and knew that this music was created for the masses. But she also knew, ...it was indeed a gift for just for her too. It fit too perfectly, it sang in her heart, a gift that she could always hold. She embraced the music and grew and grew. Not only did she grow with age, but in knowledge, and depth. This music became an important part of her life. It could lift her up, it could make her cry, it could take her away, and make her sigh. It had become many things to her.

She was lucky enough to go to 2 concerts,...and to the dismay of her friend, she closed her eyes during some of this awesome spectacle. Why, you ask yourself? Because the Little Girl could see things ,....that only some know. As much as a concert is a sight to behold,....it's also art created in the same room as you are,....the magic taking place, right there!!!.......the little girl, could not help but look into her minds eye at such a time.

I'm sure by now,...being a fairy tale and all, you might be thinking this is a bit dramatic for real life,....but then again, you might be wondering if this is true, and who that little girl might be. She could be me, she could be you, maybe its us, maybe its them, maybe it's USnTHEM, or maybe it's just,................. Cheryl

I am you, and what I see is me,...and who knows which is which, and who is who


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