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Letters To Pink Floyd

Hello David,

I am a HUGE HUGE fan of your band!! It is IMPOSSIBLE to find a better band than yours!!!! PLEASE PLEASE TOUR SOON!!!! I NEED TO SEE ANOTHER PINK FLOYD CONCERT!!!!!!

Seeing the last 2 tours in Minneapolis is NOT enough!! There have been rumors about a new tour this year or next year!! PLEASE do not cancel or delay the next tour much longer UNLESS you need to fine tune everything for the next album & tour! If it means getting everthing done right

I would rather wait a bit longer for everything to turn out right than to have it rushed and a sloppy job done on the performance as a result of rushing things a bit too much!

Can you tell me how soon I might hear something official concerning future plans for the band?? I SURE HOPE YOUR BAND ISN'T RETIRING BEFORE YOU DO ANOTHER TOUR!!!! Please write back soon if possible!

Thank you,

One of the world's BIGGEST Pink Floyd fans,


PS: Anybody that knows me more than 5 minutes knows who Pink Floyd is!!!

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