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Letters To Pink Floyd

Dear Pink Floyd,

I want to take this time to say thank you.
For an album so special it contained a message
from your heart to ours.

For the music so beautiful it touches the soul.
For the words that carry the message you so wanted to share.
For the mystery a puzzle to solve, a quest, a journey.

Of self discovery...
Of friendships we have made to last a life time.
Of learning to comunicate.
And of learning the joy of creativity...

To listen to others as they have shared
To have an open mind.
To learning to think
And to reading between the lines....

Yes its available to believe things have changed.
To have faith in The True One.
To reach out to others.
To Believe, To Trust, To The Hope.

From the First song.. to the last...
You have shared you heart, your mind and your soul.
To make us one beautiful tribute....
To God and to Mother Earth.....

You must not look at the negative, But the positive.
At the many who have heard, and believed.
For they carry the message.
And may that message go forth through out the land.

And I wish to thank the man who first told me
this story of the engima, so long ago.
And his quest to find the truth...
May God bless you both abundantly
beyond all you can think and do....

And to the many friends I have met...
God bless you all......


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