We are happy to exclusively present the Pink Floyd North American 1994 Production manual and contract.

This is copyrighted material and noone has permission to use it, display it, or share it. Read it here and enjoy it.

Never before seen anywhere on the Internet, this manual, sent to all promoters in '94, provides fans with a peek into just ONE part of the work and talent that was required to produce one Pink Floyd tour.

The 1994 Division Bell tour was called 'massive' in many media reports, and righteously so! As you will see, the arduous production scheduling and its related equipment, man-power, services, and other requirements, were mind-boggling. Many fans who attended the shows, returned to their homes with no idea that the few hours of their entertainment entailed so much work.

Our thanks to the hundreds of people behind the scenes who helped to give us, the fans, an experience of a lifetime. We extend our love and gratitude also to Pink Floyd, for allowing us to share this information with their fans.

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