General Information

Amsterdam Release Date - March 23, 2000
UK Ltd. Ed. Release Date - March 27, 2000
UK Release Date - April 10, 2000
US Release Date - April 18, 2000

Produced by - James Guthrie

- Performed Live by -

  Roger Waters
  David Gilmour
  Nick Mason
  Richard Wright

  Andy Brown (bass)
  Snowy White (guitar 1980)
  Andy Roberts (guitar 1981)
  Willie Wilson (drums)
  Peter Woods (keyboards)

- Backing Vocals -

  John Joyce
  Stan Farber
  Jim Haas
  Joe Chemay

- MC -
  Gary Yudman

All Words and Music by Roger Waters
Young Lust (Waters/Gilmour)
Comfortably Numb (Gilmour/Waters)
Run Like Hell (Gilmour/Waters)
The Trial (Waters/Ezrin)

Album Produced and Mixed by James Guthrie
Technical Support and Synchronization: Nigel Taylor
Digital Masonry: Christopher Brooks
Assistant Engineer: Joel Plante
Recorded by Goug Hopkins and James Guthrie
Mastered by Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab

Interviews conducted and edited by Nick Sedgwick

Cover Design by Storm Thorgerson
with Peter Curzon and Sam Brooks
Graphics by Peter Curzon and Richard Evans
Photography by Rupert Truman
Live Photography by Brian D. Mclaughlin,
Jill Furmanovsky, David Brownlow,
Mick Treadwell, Mark Fisher

Pink Floyd Management:
Steve O'Rourke, EMKA Productions

Roger Waters Management:
Mark Fenwick, MFM

- The Wall Show -
Written and Directed by Roger Waters

Musical Director - David Gilmour
Stage Design - Mark Fisher, Jonathan Park
Art Direction - Gerald Scarfe
Sound Mixing - James Guthrie

- Sound Company -
Britannia Row Audio Inc.

- FOH Sound Engineers -
Rick Hart Greg Walsh

- Monitor Engineer -
Seth Goldman

- Sound Crew Chief -
Robbie Williams

- Sound Crew -
Chas Braithwaite
Nigel Taylor
Gerry Fradley
Jerry Wing
Steve Bator
Robin Fox
Eric Barnes
Andy Quigley
Mike Johnson
Kevin McCaffrey

- Band Equipment Chief -
Phil Taylor

- Band Equipment Crew -
Keith Lamon
Paul Riordan
Mick Collins
Mike Rodgers
Colin Lyon
Clive Brooks

- Lighting Company -
Britannia Row Lighting Inc.

- Lighting Designer -
Mark Brickman

- Lighting Crew Chief -
Graeme Flemming

- Lighting Crew -
Mick Treadwell
Jed Frost
Graham "Oz" Osbourne
Peter Measham
Jethro Anderson
Giles Gibson

- Animation -
Design and Direction - Gerald Scarfe
Asst. Director - Michael Stuart
Asst. Art Director - Jill Brooks
Animation - Michael Stuart,
Bill Magee, Greg Miller, Chris Caunter
Trace and Paint - Sandy Houston
Editing - Tony Fish, Peter Hearn
Camera -Julien Holdaway, Richard Wolf
Production Supervisor - Lance Paul

- Projection -
Andy Shields
Trevor Shields
Lars Pedersen (USA)

- Staging and Set Carpenters -
Chris Teuber (USA)
Jeff Page
Don Joce
Pete Crockford
Loopy Lefevre
Paul Winstanley

- Wall Crew -
Jonathan Park
Mark Fisher
Phil Crossland
Craig Stanley
Ricky Newton
Mike Webber
Brian Hunt
Steve Leary
Scott Cowdin

- Rigging -
Rocky Paulson (USA)
Brent Anderson (USA)
Charlie Boxhall
Les Squire

- Wardrobe -
Pat Griffiths

- Special Thanks -
Stanley Miller
Sandra McIntosh
Rosie Baillie
Fiona Fitzeherbert