Pink Floyd - The Wall movie

The Full Cast & Other Information


Bob Geldof Pink
Christine Hargreaves Pink's Mother
Bob Hoskins Rock and Roll Manager
Eleanor David Pink's Wife
James LaurensonPink's Father
Albert MosesJanitor
Alex McAvoyTeacher
Brenda Cowling Teacher
Christine Estabrook
David Bingham Little Pink
Dennis FletcherMinder
Diana KingWedding Witness
Dianne Wiest
Eddie TagoeMinder
Eli Wallach
Ellis DaleEnglish Doctor
Emma Longfellow Groupie
Groupie Roadie
Gerald Hiken
Griffin Dunne
James HazeldineLover
Jenny WrightAmerican Groupie
Joanna DickensDancing Teacher
Joanne WhalleyPink's Groupie
John BroughtonTeacher
John Scott MartinDancing Teacher
Jonathan ScottRegistrat
Jon Paul MorganHousekeeper
Kevin McKeonYoung Pink
Lisa Eichhorn
Lorna BartonGroupie
Lucita LijertwoodSmash & Grab Lady
Malcolm RogersTeacher
Marie Passarelli Spanish Maid
Marjorie MasonTeacher's Wife
Mark NewmanParamedic
Michael BurrellTeacher
Michael EnsignHotel Manager
Nell Campbell Groupie
Peter JonfieldRoadie
Philip DavisRoadie
Philip Sterling
Ray MortPlayground Father
Robert BridgesAmerican Doctor
Rod Bedall Roadie
Roger KempPink's Friend
Roger WatersWedding scene (cameo)
Rosanna Arquette
Tom Conti
Vincent WongParamedic
Winston RoseSecurity Guard
Alan Parker Director
Gerald Scarfe Director
Robert Markowitz Director
Alan ParkerScreenwriter
Roger WatersScreenwriter
David Gilmour Composer (Music Score)
Michael KamenComposer (Music Score)
Nick MasonComposer (Music Score)
Pink FloydComposer (Music Score)
Roger WatersComposer (Music Score)
Peter Biziou Cinematographer
Gerry Hambling Editor
Chris BurkeArt Director
Clinton CaversArt Director
Alan MarshallProducer
Garth ThomasProducer
Stephen O'Rourke Producer
David GilmourMusic Director
James GuthrieMusic Director
Garth InnsSpecial Effects
Graham LonghurstSpecial Effects
Martin GutheridgeSpecial Effects
Ricky FarnsSpecial Effects
Brian MorrisProduction Design
Ray Corbett Asst. Director
Celestia FoxCasting
James GuthrieSound
Gordon K. McCallumSound Mixer
Garth ThomasAssociate Producer
Gerald Scarfe Animation
Brian MorrisProduction-designers
Penny RoseCostume-designers
Martin Evans Art swing gang
Martin Gutteridge Other crew
Gerald ScarfeOther crew
Roger WatersOther crew



Acting Credits-

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Spice World (1997)
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Pink Floyd: The Wall (1982)
The Secret Policeman's Other Ball (1982)
Pink Floyd - The Wall (1979)


Acting Credits-

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BOB HOSKINS (Rock'n'Roll manager)
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Directing Credits-
Rainbow (1995)
The Raggedy Rawney (1990)
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Acting Credits-
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Acting Credits-
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Directing Credits-
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Pink Floyd: The Wall (1982)
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Pink Floyd - The Wall (1979)
Midnight Express (1978)
Bugsy Malone (1976)
Evacuees, The (1974)

Screenplay (Author) - Roger Waters

Production - Alan Marshall for Tin Blue Ltd. Productions/Goldcrest Films

Director - Alan Parker

Cinematographer - Peter Biziou

File Editor - Gerry Hambling

Additional Credits - Art direction - Chris Burke and Clinton Cavers

Animation - Gerald Scarfe

Music - Roger Waters

Run Time - 95 minutes

Named persons in Production Credits - Alan Marshall

Studios named in Production Credits - Tin Blue Ltd. Productions/Goldcrest Films